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Handling Receipts

You can choose to receive all API delivery receipts to a common URL, configured in Messenger->Settings->SMS Delivery Receipts. You can also choose to use the receipt_url parameter in send to receive SMS delivery confirmations to unique URLs on a per message basis.


Upon a delivery receipt being sent from the networks we will POST the following variables to your specified URL.

number The recipient's mobile phone number.
status The delivery status of the message. This will either be: D, U, I or ?. See Helpful information for status definitions.
customID If applicable, the custom ID associated with the message. This can be set by using the custom parameter in send.
datetime The datetime the Delivery Receipt was received from the operator. In MySQL datetime format.

Sample server receipt code

	$number   = $_POST['number'];
	$status   = $_POST['status'];
	$customID = $_POST['customID'];